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The Ultimate Salsa Dance Video can help you as a beginner, or can make an average dancer very good, and a very good dancer great! There's something in this video for everyone!!

This is truly one of the most amazing ways of combining excercise and fun which can lead to stunning results in both fitness and dancing.

Two of the very best of British teachers, will show you step by step, all you need to know on how to bring out the potential in you! Robert Charlemagne with his fun and unique style and Susana Montero, twice British Champion, will impress and educate you with their highly successful teaching methods, which will enable students to create their own routines.

75 minutes of non-stop action... packed with turn pattern after turn pattern, demonstrations, shines, dips, not to mention tips for ladies, information on lead, following, style, etiquette, and much, much more.

This video will keep you busy all year... currently the best Salsa Video on the market today in the United Kingdom. From absolute beginner to advanced level, the Ultimate Salsa Dance Video is ...



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Previously available as the "Comprehensive Guide to Salsa"

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